Are You Waiting for New ITR Forms for AY 2019-20?

Are You Waiting for New ITR Forms for AY 2019-20?

The government of India presented the 6th Interim Budget on 1st February 2019. The government had increased the rebate on income tax on income up to INR 5 Lacs.

Accordingly, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has finally notified the following new ITR filing forms for the FY 2018-19:

  • ITR-1 (SAHAJ)
  • ITR-2
  • ITR-3
  • ITR-4 (SUGAM)
  • ITR-5
  • ITR-6
  • ITR-7

The new ITR filing forms have been notified on 1st April 2019, as per the Finance Act, 2019.


The Form ITR-1 is for individuals who are a resident (other than not ordinarily resident) and are having total income up to INR 50 lacs, from Salary along with one house property and other sources (Interest, etc.).

However, This form is not for an individual who is either Director in a company or has invested in unlisted equity shares.

  1. FORM ITR-2

The Form ITR-2 is for Individuals & HUFs who do not have income from profits and gains of Business or Profession.

  1. FORM ITR-3

Those individuals and HUFs who are having income from profits and gains of business or Profession are required to file their ITR in Form ITR-3.


The Form ITR-4 also called SUGAM ITR, is for those Individuals, HUFs as well as Firms other than LLPP being a resident and having total income up to INR 50 lacs from Profit and Gains of Business Profession. This is applicable to the income computed on presumptive basis u/s 44AD, 44ADA or 44AE.

Here also an individual who is either Director in a company or has invested in unlisted equity shares cannot use this Form ITR-4 (SUGAM)

  1. form ITR 5

ITR 5 is applicable to:

  • LLPs (Limited Liability Partnership Firms)
  • AOPs (Association of Persons) and
  • BOIs (Body of Individuals).

But It is not applicable to the following:

  • Individual
  • HUF
  • Company and
  • Those filing Form ITR-7
  1. form ITR 6

Those Organizations other than Companies formed for Charitable Purposes and which are claiming exemption u/s 11 have to file ITR 6

  1. form ITR 7

Form ITR-7 is for the persons including Companies who need to File ITRs u/s 139(4A) or 139(4B)139(4C) or 139(4D).

  • Section 139(4A) is applicable to persons having income derived from the property of a trust partially or entirely for a charitable or religious purpose.
  • Section 139(4B) is applicable to political parties if the total income exceeds the maximum amount which is not taxable.
  • Section 139(4C) is applicable on –

a). Scientific research associations

b). News agencies or media-houses

c) Institutions u/s 10(23A) & (23B)

d). A Fund, Educational Institution or  Medical Institution.

  • Section 139(4D) applies to all educational institution, not required to furnish the return of income or loss under any other provision under this section.

Please Check the Original Notification at CBDT NOTIFICATION and File Your ITR for the AY 2019-20

( FY 2018-19) in time to avoid Penalty.

Note:  Please Read the Original CBDT NOTIFICATION carefully.

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